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Circular wall decorations made of recycled textiles

Every year 640 million jeans are discarded in Europe. This equates to 425 million kilos of CO2-emmissions. 

The idea for Denimtex arose very spontaneously in 2015 when Bas van der Geest, founder of Denimtex, heard on his car radio that 70% of all textiles go into the incinerator. I need to change this, he thought! 

He set to work with his innovative spirit and that is how our unique, circular wall decorations made from recycled textiles were created. 

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The party for the delivery and application of your circular wall decoration

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Discover the unique look and feel of our wall decorations 

Order a sample here in A5 or A4 format and find the perfect color.  


You can also contact for the possibilities.


Ordered samples are created on demand according to your wishes . 

In addition to Jeans on the wall, Denimtex also has 25 trend colours in its range.



An innovative approach to the problem of the polluting textile industry

We have spent five years on product development to develop an unique and circular product of high quality. In addition, all components of the product are sourced locally. 

Did you know that our product is created with the cooperation of ''De Werkplaats'' at Aveleijn? This is a social organization and daytime activity.


Denimtex in numbers


KG CO2 savings per m2




Global partner Tommy Jeans


Environmental price



In order to make as much impact as possible on the way to a circular world in 2050, Denimtex is looking for dealers and sustainable architects. 


To strengthen eachother in the marktet and to work on circular projects together.

Are you a dealer of architect interested in our products and understand the value of our unique circular walls? 

Please contact us at

Teamvergadering achter glas


Graduates wanted

Denimtex is looking for innovative talent to strengthen its team. View the open vacancies and respond quickly!

Come and join our unique company for six months and be inspired by thinking and acting sustainably


Enschede, NL

Help our company to create recognisability that matches the perception of the target group!  

Do you have affinity with social media, campaigning and communication? Then this is the assignment for you!

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