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Fire retardant

Types of textiles are often intended for furniture upholstery and therefore also tested as such, but textiles as wall coverings for acoustic or aesthetic reasons require different requirements within a building decree.  

A wall covering can be exposed to the power of a large gas flame. Denimtex has therefore tested its circular textile walls as a construction component in accordance with the EN 13823 standard. 

Fire classes

SBI test

EN 13501 is the leading standard for fire classification of construction products and building elements in Europe. The basis of this classification is formed by the SBI test (Single Burning Item).

An SBI test stimulates the start of a fire to determine the fire behavior of construction products. Denimtex had this carried out at Effectis Netherlands with ABNAMRO as sponsor.  

Efectis is a globally recognized company specialized in fire investigations and has extensive knowledge in the field of testing, engineering and modelling, certification, inspections, training and expertise.


U Park Hotel

U Parkhotel Enschede is one of our customers where Denimtex has been able to apply its circular wall decoration. Due to the unique properties of Jeans on the wall, including the fire retardant, this has had a positive impact in 2021.  

A fire has broken out in the U Parkhotel because of the ice machine in the restaurant. Thanks to Jeans on the wall with fire-retardant properties, the damage was limited. Because the flames did not spread to the entire wall, this prevented a large fire.  

This shows that the operation of the above fire classes does have an impact on safety. 


When including a fire retardant as one of the components in the circular wall decoration, Denimtex has been very careful in its choice with a view to health for people and the environment.

The flame retardant is halogen and antimony free. This is considered environmentally friendly. In addition, the fire retardant does not have a hazard label.

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